South Junior High - From Old to New

Mike McCullough took a series of photos of the demolition of the old South buildings and added them to shots of the new school. Sad to see the old school go but the new one should be a great resource for students for many years to come. The walls of the old library (on the corner of Shoshone & Cassia) will become the backdrop for an amphitheater.

Here's a comment about the passing of the school by Sharon Jagger:

I just found out that my junior high, South Junior High School, has been torn down and a new one built on the same property. This saddens me on many levels. For one thing, this building was a classic with lots of classic architectual style of the era including a really neat art deco library with bas relief symbols of learning above the windows, and a bas relief sculpture of the Lewis and Clark expedition over the gymnasium doors. There was also a vintage design swimming pool, and a full auditorium with a stage and movie screen where students could view real movies at noon and stage shows like Bye Bye Birdie. I remember watching Alfred Hitchock's "The Birds" there in 1964. Like many others, a lot of important events of my life took place here, like the classroom where I was embarrassed when I had my first period, lol. Or kissing my first boyfriend behind the pool,  or where I was when the Beatles landed, and stood on the main steps and listened to the music drifting over from Burgerville.  This was where I was when Kennedy was shot, where I heard the first announcement, reading, 4th period, Mrs. Sullivan. Many of us shared the big ones, and had our own little milestones here.

Here's a toast to the memories.