Robin Wand, Paula Carlson Weir, Shirley Spofford Lee Warner, Nancy Harris Van Curen (Kathy Birch Durbin in background)

Georgia Chase Bowman recording the moment

Kathy Little-Baker, Chuck Gosset and his guest, Mike McCullough

Lots of People in Kathy Birch Durbin's Backyard!

Shannon Corey Page and
Alana Syverson McHugh

Paula Carlson Weir, Shirley Spofford Lee Warner, Kathy Birch Durbin

Shirley Kincaid Wagner and Danny Cafferty

Crowd shot


Kathy Birch Durbin and Kathie Coon Taylor

Robin Wand, Kathy Birch Durbin, Mike Brandeberry, Alana Syverson McHugh

Linda and Jim Schmidt,
Mike and Sue Brandberry

Donna Stephens Kom provides a friendly welcome

Jim and Linda Schmidt and
Carol Strong Donaldson

Another crowd shot

Mike Reynolds


After 35 years... (still looking pretty good!)