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The reunion committee at their January, 2007 meeting (not pictured - the photographer, Alice Austin Stanley)

Denise Alexander Bittner

Alana Syverson McHugh

Bev Stoddard Chipman

Doug Ewing

Georgia Chase Gunstream

Kathy Birch Durbin
(and the committee dog!)

Lynne Powley Buckmaster

Marsha Hatch Smith and
Karen Locuson Bowlden

Sue Mulkey

The kick-off reunion planning meeting in October, 2006

Seated: Bev Stoddard Chipman, Denise Alexander Bittner, Lynne Powley Buckmaster, Kathy Little-Baker
Standing: Marsha Hatch Smith, Karen Locuson Bowlden, Sue Mulkey, Alice Austin Stanley, Shoni Davis

Bev Chipman, Denise Bittner, Lynne Buckmaster, Kathy Little-Baker

Karen Bowlden, Sue Mulkey

Bev Chipman

Lynne Buckmaster, Kathy Little-Baker

Shoni Davis, Marsha Smith, Alice Stanley, Karen Bowlden, Sue Mulkey

A gathering of the Boise Safari Sisters in July, 2006

Alana Syverson McHugh, Carol Hill Warren,
Shirley Kincaid Wagner

Bev Stoddard Chipman, Denise Alexander Bittner

Denise Bittner, Georgia Chase Bowman-Gunstream

Kathy Birch Durban, Cathy Reckmeyer, Sue Mulkey

Shirley Spofford Lee-Warner, Paula Carlson Weir,
Donna Stephens Kom

Shannon Cory Page, Alice Austin Stanley, Karen Locuson Bowlden

Van Atkins (2006)

A group of women had a Christmas lunch in December, 2005 in Boise.
Left to right: Joann Dransfield Blount, Alana Syverson McHugh, Bev Stoddard Chipman, De Goode Zborowski, Shannon Cory Page, Janet Morrell Hannity, Georgia Chase Bowman-Gunstream, Donna Stephens Kom, Denise Alexander Bittner, Sue Mulkey, Diane Keeton-Goode, Lynn Powley Buckmaster, Kathy Little-Baker, Shannon Bishop Hull

Bev Chipman, De Zborowski

Denise Bittner, Alana McHugh

De Zborowski, Kathy Little-Baker, Lynn Buckmaster

Diane Keeton-Goode, Lynn Buckmaster, Kathy Little-Baker

Diane Keeton-Goode, Lynn Buckmaster

Donna Kom, Denise Bittner, Sue Mulkey, Diane Keeton-Goode, Lynn Buckmaster

Shannon Page, Denise Bittner

Shannon Page, Janet Hannity, Georgia Bowman-Gunstream

These pictures were taken at a get-together held in May, 2005, in Boise.

Back row: Donna Stephens Kom, De Goode Zbrowski, Diana Goode Keeton, Marsha Hatch Smith, Kathy Little Baker, Georgia Chase Bowman-Gunstream, Shirley Spofford Lee-Warner, Alana Syverson McHugh
Front row: Denise Alexander Bittner, Susan Moore Sasaki, Shannon Cory Page, Diane Thomas Tanner
(also attending but not pictured - Shannon Bishop Hull and Paula Carlson Weir)

Denise Bittner
(Our hostess, along with Donna Kom)

Diana Keeton and De Zbrowski with Denise, Georgia Bowman-Gunstream, Kathy Baker and Shannon Page in the background

Diane Tanner, Shannon Hull and Shannon Page

Kathy Baker, Shirley Lee-Warner and Georgia Bowman-Gunstream

Marsha Smith and Alana McHugh

Denise Bittner, Shannon Page, Georgia Bowman-Gunstream and Kathy Baker

Greg Vaught and brother Dave (class of '63)

Members of the Carlson family -
Paula (Weir)
Pat (Otte Axtell Miller) - Borah art teacher from '67 - '99 and '61 Borah graduate
Gary - First Borah graduating class in 1959 (2003)

Susan (Archer) Nelson (2003)

Ruth Nelson Schnoor, Richard Nelson and
Rebecca Nelson Foote (2004)

Bill Johnson's Grandbaby (2003)

John Erdle (2003)

Karen (Bates) Wheelwright (2003)

Karen (Bates) Wheelwright (2003)

Sharon (Lee) Vanderhoef's Concession Stand (2003)

Sharon (Lee) Vanderhoef and Granddaughter (2003)

Marilyn (McKercher) Spragg and Grandkids (2003)

Donna (Holzinger) Long (2003)

Garth Anderson and Wife Sherry (2003)

Lynette (Brown) Sali (2008)

Laura (Turner) Owens and Family (2003)

Mary Matlock (2003)

Kathy (Birch) Durbin and Family (2003)

Bill Kirkpatrick and Wife Julia (2003)

Shannon (Cory) Page (2003)