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Curt & Lynne Stoddard with their daughter & grandchildren - 2017

Nanette Groesbeck Miles, Susan Archer Nelson, Diane Thomas Tanner,
Carol Anderson Vernon - Jan Watkins Thomson in the center (2015)

Safari Sister Holiday Brunch - December, 2014

Kathy Little Baker, Denise Alexander Bittner, Donna Stephens Kom,
Georgia Chase Bowman Sue Mulkey and Sherry Allen Smith

Bev Chipman, Denise Bittner, Kathy Baker

Kathy Birch Durbin, Meg Givens

Kathy Baker, Shoni Davis, Nancy Pond

Sherry Smith, Alana Syverson McHugh,
Donna Kom

Sue Mulkey, Georgia Bowman, Bev Chipman,
Denise Bittner

Sue Mulkey, Sherry Smith

Garth Anderson & his wife, Sherry (Stubstad - Class of '67) with
grandson, Karsten (Borah - Class of '14) who took State in the 100 meter dash for 2014!
Karsten holds the school record for the 100 meter @ 10.68 seconds and the 200 meter @ 21.70.
A couple of proud Borah grandparents!!!

Chuck Gossett (2013)

Jeanene Dahlquist Ellis and her husband Frank (2013)

Alana Syverson Mc Hugh and Shirley Kincaid (2013)

Alana's Daughter Kristin and Grandson Nick

Alana with husband Pat Mc Hugh, Daughter Molli and Grandson Nick

Alana's Daughter Molli, Son-in-Law Kevin and Grandson Nick

Janis Schroeder Eells (2013)

Janis Schroeder Eells (2013)

Janis Schroeder Eells' Son & Daughter (2013)

Janis Schroeder Eells' Grandson (2013)

Janis Schroeder Eells (2013)

Janis Schroeder Eells (2013)

Marty Gabica (2013)

Vickie Mitchell Grant (2012)

Vickie Mitchell Grant (2012)

Vickie and friend Stan (2012)

Curt and Lynne Stoddard (10/11)

Curt's two older grandaughters, Alexis and Kesha

Curt's 5 younger grandkids

Borah Booster Luau/Auction - March 2011

Rhonda Jensen, Nancy Pond, Sherry Allen Smith, Susan Mulkey

Denise Alexander Bittner, Nancy Pond, Sherry Allen Smith, Susan Mulkey

Susan Mulkey, Sherry Allen Smith, Bev Stoddard Chipman,
Linda Clark, Roxanne Jensen (Class of '67)

Paula Carlson Weir

Women's lunch - July 2010
Back row - Leslie Hanson Probert, Diane Thomas Tanner, Marsha Quinn Lowe, Susan Archer Nelson, Marilyn Tanner Jones
Front row - Lynda Alter Rowe, Carol Anderson Vernon, Dana Daniels Winward, Nanette Groesbeck Miles

Safari Sisters Christmas brunch at Kathy Birch Durbin's home - December 2010

Lynette Brown Sali and her family - 2010

Niki Kallenberger & Donna Stephens Rayburn, the new brides! (06/10)

Safari Sisters' brunch, June 2010
Celebrating the brides and everyone's 60th birthday!
(Unfortunately, photo was taken after several people had already gone)

Vickie Mitchell Grant (2010)

Denise Alexander Bittner and Kathy Birch Durbin at the Vertigals Spring Prom - 3/10

Charlie Thomas & Nephew Fishing

Charlie Thomas at a San Diego Padres Game

Photos taken at the Borah Class of '59 50th Reunion - May, 2009

Burt Burda

Bob Wilson & Al Cafferty

Bill Wigle

Bob Wilson

Niki Kallenberger and a friend conquer the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia!

Marilyn McKercher Sprague with new grandbaby

Marilyn McKercher Sprague's grandkids

Phyllis Hochhalter Martinsen with husband Paul, daughter & son-in-law, Sandi and Tim Ammann

Phyllis and friend Patrick in Jamaica

Phyllis and Paul in the Yukon


Phyllis, with brother Dennis and sister Pamela

Don Young

Eileen Neville Donnelly and family

Kathi Pfost Searle, with daughter Jordan and new grandbaby Ryder.
Also, Kathi's sister, Kim and her two kids and Ryder's dad, Noah.

Diane Thomas Tanner and daughter Sarah

Diane's family at Sarah's wedding

Diane's kids at Sarah's wedding

Diane's grandkids at Sarah's wedding

Lucy Desaulniers Conley (2008)

Lucy's three children, Ryan, Jake & Molly (2008)

Lucy with her new filly and the filly's brother (2008)

Jeanene Dahlquist Ellis & Family (2008)

Jeanene & her granddaughter (2008)

Jeanene in the sidecar with husband, Frank (2008)

Curt's new baby (2008)

Curt's new grandbaby (2008)

Curt Stoddard, wife Lynne, unidentified bearded person and granddaughters (2007)

Sharon Jagger and Gizmo (2008)

Sharon on her Harley (2008)

Lynette Brown Sali's Grandkids

Diane McLauglin Kowalski's Family
(Daughter Les, son Leo and his wife Jolie, son-in-law Carey & daugher Kris,
with grandson Carter, Grandma Ann and Diane) (2008)

Suzanne Ivey Charles

Suzanne Ivey Charles, with husband Mike (2008)

Wendy Roberson-Reininger and family
(Erica, Lara, Bruce, Wendy, Luke) (2008)

Bruce & Wendy Roberson-Reininger

Janet Morell Hannity (2008)


Donna Holzinger Long (2008)



Mary Matlock, Donna Holzinger Long, Phyllis Hochhalter Martinsen, Vicki Ebersberger, Marilyn McKercher Sprague

Barbara Bachman Cochrane (2008)

Barb on the Inca Trail in Peru

Barb kayaking in Desolation Sound

Pat McHugh, Kristin (daughter), Alana Syverson McHugh, Mollie & Kevin (daughter & son-in-law) (2005)

Kevin, Mollie, Alana, Kristin and Pat (2006)

Dick McLane, Judi Alexander McLane, Mike McPeak & Louise Wood
(Judy and Louise, Mike's significant other, are cousins) (2008)

Greg Morris