"Borah reflects the changing times, the increasing tempo of progress..."

These were the opening words of the Borah 1968 Yearbook. And how the times have changed; what progress we've made! The Internet is just one example of things we enjoy today that we couldn't have imagined back then.

This website was established as a vehicle for sharing information about our 35th year class reunion. We plan on using it in the future as a means of keeping in touch with our classmates. As we get older and have a little more time to reflect on our lives (and have a correspondingly greater amount of material to reflect on...), it seems to become more important to touch base with those with whom we shared our early years.

We'd like to keep it an interesting place to visit from time to time - a way to find old friends, learn about their lives so far and maybe see a picture or two (have they gotten as gray as we have???)

So we'd love to hear from you - more pictures, additional biographical information, poetry - anything you'd care to share. Our space is a bit limited so we can't publish anyone's first web novel. But we hope to keep the site alive and changing. If you have anything to share, please send it along to Paula Weir.